About the Book

In this book, readers will learn about the synergy of eastern and western philosophies in relation to health and wellness through Food Science using the principles of the Bagua systems. Specifically, the Bagua systems integrate principles of the Five-Element Theory and Martial Arts philosophy. Readers will also learn how these concepts can be used to foster and build health resiliency and continuum by doing the following:

1. Exploring the origin of energy imbalances in the diet that result in chronic illness such as Non-Communicable Diseases

2. Reflecting on the definition of holistic health and its cultivation using unique conceptual tools of the Bagua Energy Map integrated with Food Science.

3. Applying the tools presented to cleanse the psyche, heal and align the body and as well as nurture the health and wellness continuum.

This book is ideal for individuals who are Acupuncturists, Ayurveda practitioners, Bagua consultants, Educators, Food Scientists, Health and Fitness Enthusiasts, Health and Wellness Coaches, Martial Artists, Metaphysicians, Nutritionists, Registered Dietitians, Yoga Practitioners as well as people who are general consumers seeking to adopt a unique way of developing a healthy relationship with the food they eat.