The Bagua Plate

An Integrative and Practical Approach to Health and Wellness

The concept of “The Bagua Plate” was derived from Bagua systems created by Metaphysician Carl E. Stevens, Jr. from the School of Bagua and Metaphysics. Specifically, the Bagua Energy Maps are commonly referenced in Feng Shui as well as in Martial Arts Philosophy.

In relation to the Bagua Energy Maps, “The Bagua Plate” integrates broad subject areas such as: Food Science, Five-Element Theory and Martial Arts philosophy. I refer to the combination of these subject areas as a niche of Martial Science. This enabled me to develop this concept to help readers with strategies to adopt a healthy lifestyle mainly through consuming a colorful diet. Consequently, readers can harness an energetically balanced diet using three unique approaches I developed from the Bagua systems.